New Final Cut X 10.3, Touch Bar and Mac Book Pro got the inside scoop on the new Final Cut X 10.3 and Mac Book Pro at the Special Event on the Apple Campus. Check it out here!

New Final Cut X 10.3 and Mac Book Pro

New Final Cut X 10.3 and Mac Book Pro We had the pleasure of attending the Special Event on the Apple Campus and we were not disappointed. We also got to test out the Touch Bar with Final Cut Pro X! A rainy day in Cupertino and we attended the Special Event on the Apple Campus. Tim Cook got up to speak and told us a lot about iPhone and Apple TV which you can watch on the Special Event video. (Might take a while to get posted) However, we were there for new hardware and a possible update to Final Cut Pro X. Philip Schiller took over the presentation. There were oohs and ahhs when the new Mac Book Pro was unveiled. Just after the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the first Apple notebook, the new model is a mind boggling 6.8 million times faster than the original! Speed bumps quoted were a 57% editing performance boost on the 15 inch against the previous model and a 76% increase on the 13 inch model. Full details can vie found on the Apple Press Release. Orders are being taken now, expect 2-3 weeks for delivery. Yes we would very much like to have one. But things really kicked in when the new Touch Bar was shown. And yes, we saw our first glimpse of the new flat GUI of Final Cut Pro X 10.3. The Touch Bar is a touch sensitive strip above the keyboard - it will accept 10 different touch points at a time (or fingers!) The content on the bar changes depending on the app running. We saw it demoed with FCPX, Photoshop and a very cool DJ performance. Yes you can get the whole FCPX timeline in the Touch Bar and the icons change depending on what is selected. [Continue Reading...]

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