Woody Harrelson will Shoot and Live Stream His Next Movie at Once

Here at Videoguys we know everything about the technology needed to produce a successful live stream. Lizzie Plaugic from The Verge reports that Woody Harrelson will live stream his new movie while shooting it at the same time.

Woody Harrelson will shoot his next movie while streaming it live into movie theaters

woody harrelson
Woody Harrelson is making a movie inspired by one night he ended up in a London jail. On its face, that’s not a very interesting premise, but lucky for anyone who roots for Woody Harrelson, that’s not all: the film, Lost in London, will be live-streamed in theaters at the same time it’s being shot. As Entertainment Weekly reports, this will mark the first time a film (not a stage play) has been live-streamed into theaters. The 100-minute movie will differ from a play in that it will take place in 14 different locations around London, and will still be shot in a single take. “No one has ever shot a movie and live broadcast it into cinemas at the same time,” Harrelson says in a teaser. “No one’s ever been that stupid — until now.” Harrelson, who wrote and directed the film, will also star in it, alongside Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson.

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