Epiphan AV.io 4K: 4K HDMI Ingest is Here

Goodbye, Thunderbolt: The Future of 4K HDMI Ingest is Here

NoFilmSchool blog No longer is Thunderbolt required for 4K digital video ingest and live view. Epiphan has released the AV.io 4k, a 4K 30fps video ingest box over USB3, bringing 4K live video capture to a wider audience. Most current video ingest options work with Thunderbolt, and while Thunderbolt is available on many Apple devices, it has never really taken off in the PC world. Even in the Apple universe, it isn’t available on the new Apple Macbook, which is USB-C only, limiting your options for video ingest to 1080p over USB3. While the big use-case for live video ingest is the ability to live stream high-quality video...[continue reading]

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