5 Awesome Production and Post Production Online Newsletters

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If you’re working in film, video and post production you’ll want to sign up to these free newsletters to keep up to date with the latest developments, cool projects and creative tips.

There’s no reason not to be learning something new every day! Take time to improve your video production and video editing skills. Here are five of the best free daily and weekly newsletters that will point you in the direction of all of the best content out there on the web. Don’t waste your time trawling for great tips when you can have them sent straight to your inbox.

Studio Daily – Daily Fix or Studio/Direct

Sign up to the best free production and post production newslettersStudio Daily has two free newsletters – Studio Daily Fix and Studio Daily/Direct. The first is a top notch daily hit of industry news: outstanding creativity, tips and tricks and plenty of other tailored content. There is always a daily video of either a short tutorial, a new trailer or something you’ve just ‘got’ to see. Studio Daily/Direct is a monthly round up of some of the most popular stories from the Studio Daily site. Always a good way to catch up on video editing and production tips and news that you may have missed first time around. read more...

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