5 Learning Environments where Matrox Monarch LCS Works Best

The Matrox Monarch streaming encoders are great solutions for education streaming, particularly the Monarch LCS. Monarchs fit nicely in lecture capture, remote learning, and school events. They are easy to use, and are fairly set it and forget it. In addition, they have direct integration with third party softwares like Kaltura, to allow teachers to focus on what's really important- teaching.

Matrox recently released a great article detailing the best use cases for the Matrox Monarch LCS encoder in the education streaming area.  We're going to take a look at some of the highlights from this article, below.   

1. When Quality is of Utmost Importance

With the Monarch LCS, teachers are able to hook up a high quality camera for clear, and crisp quality as to avoid confusion with students.  In addition, a powerpoint presentation, notes, or resources can be brought in via PIP and mixing sources with the Matrox Monarch.  Sources can be bought in via HDMI or SDI, to create an engaging lecture. 

2. When the In-Room AV Installation is Elaborate

Monarch LCS is a straight forward encoder that requires very little on the set up side.  The LCS is a "set it and forget it" encoder, especially compared with education APIs like Kaltura.  The Monarch can also be incorporated into larger AV systems that have been setup before, as a valuable piece of the puzzle. 

Check out this diagram illustrating a good setup with the Monarch LCS.

3. When the classroom supports BYOD scenarios

The Monarch LCS is a great encoder to support "Bring Your Own Device" scenarios.  Workflows like these are great for education as they make students and teachers more comfortable, allowing participants to bring their own laptops or smartphones.  

Check out this workflow, illustrating how the Monarch can be used in a setting like this.


4. When the in-room PC is to be used for class-specific software

If you are working in a hybrid learning setting, or just want to create an engaging stream for students to look back on, it can be frustrating sharing a computers processing capability with the software required to teach your class correctly.  Utilize the Monarch LCS as an external hardware encoder.  This will take the pressure of your stream off of your PC, and still allow for high quality streaming and recording. 

5. When Lowering Maintenance Costs is Crucial

Lecture capture is not a tool to save money for educational institutions, but one to elevate the level of learning and comprehension of students, and boost the value of a teachers lessons by making them viewable on demand and not limited to those in the classroom.  The Monarch LCS is an affordable device, that will provide a ton of capability while keeping the cost down.  The LCS comes in at $2,495.  

Check out the full article from Matrox HERE.

Learn more about Matrox HERE.

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