5 Questions About 5 Things

PVC by Jeremiah Karpowicz

An interview with Michael Kammes about his new web series

As the Director of Technology & Marketing at Key Code Media, Michael Kammes is well versed in the technical details surrounding acquisition, storage, editorial, audio, finishing, encoding and plenty more. He?s been involved in the design and build of hundreds of NLE systems and facilities, and consulted on even more.

Michael has the experience and expertise to explain just about anything and everything in the media creation space, and that?s the main reason he launched 5 Things, which is a web series where he talks through 5 relevant tech questions. The series is an independent venture for him though, and doesn't have anything to do with his employer or the companies whose products and technologies he discusses. The series is solely his opinion, but it's an opinion that's both insightful and informative.

Episodes on 4K and Adobe Anywhere are already available, while codecs and storage will be discussed in future installments. New episodes come out every other Tuesday, so you'll have two weeks between each episode.

In light of this new venture, we wanted to ask him 5 things to find out what?s coming up for him in the series, what disruptive technologies he's come across and where things are headed for the industry. read more...

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