5 Scariest Facebook Live Mistakes - Fix with the Wowza ClearCaster

We all know anything can happen when you go Live. Somethings can be out of your hands. The crew over at Wowza gives their top 5 scariest Facebook Live mistakes. I should mention that you can avoid these mistakes with a Wowza ClearCaster. The WowzaTM ClearCaster appliance is a Facebook Live solution purpose-built to improve the success of your Facebook Live broadcasts. Deeply integrated with the Facebook Live application, the ClearCaster automatically sets the appropriate settings and dynamically adjusts them throughout the broadcast if network conditions change. Ready to deliver the highest-possible resolution Facebook Live supports and with its built-in, professional-grade features, ClearCaster is the best way to provide confident connection to Facebook Live.
#4: A Short Stop or a Sudden Drop A truly terrifying experience for any Facebook Live broadcaster is the live stream dropping out, buffering or failing altogether—especially when it’s a high-profile event. Imagine the agony when your live stream of the Academy Awards drops just as the Best Picture winner is announced, or buffers as the news anchor is about to report on the safety of hurricane victims. Augh! Protect your brand’s reputation and give your followers the information they need by using ClearCaster: purpose-built for reliable streaming on Facebook Live. Just plug in your camera, editing system or other source equipment, and it auto-configures and adjusts on the fly to keep up with spooky and dangerous network conditions
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