5 Steps to Mastering Your Video Editing Workflow

Are you an editor with a resolution to get organize? Are you looking for ways to outsmart your tendency to procrastinate? This article, written by an accomplished and self professed procrastinator, may give you some good tips and tricks for tackling your video editing workflow. Structure and bite-size daily goals are the key. Read on for details: video editing workflow From FilmLifeStyle

.... In my last fifteen years as a Hollywood film & television editor I’ve had the good fortune to edit many high profile projects such as Empire, Burn Notice, Shooter, and Glee, and with a decorated resume most people assume I exude complete confidence in my creative abilities, but I have spent years hiding my lack of confidence wondering if I could “hack it” and deliver great work consistently given that for my entire career I’ve battled procrastination, debilitating attention issues, burnout, and outright suicidal depression.

Luckily I’m obsessed with solving problems and building more efficient workflows, and in my quest to maintain consistent focus and optimal levels of creativity, I happened upon an entirely new way of organizing my editorial projects using the program Trello.

Never heard of Trello before? Trello is a (FREE) web-based project management application that is essentially the digital version of index cards on a bulletin board…but on steroids.....

....If you find yourself constantly getting distracted and procrastinating to avoid getting real work done, it’s most likely because on some level you just feel overwhelmed. You’re not alone…we all feel the same thing. The expectations we face today are unrealistic and downright insane at times. The key is to break down giant projects into small manageable daily tasks that you feel can realistically be completed within a single day.

Using the Trello workflow I outlined above will not only help you avoid overwhelm, it will also help you feel more accomplished and motivate you to get more done on a daily basis because you can visually see what you’ve already accomplished (simply filter using your ‘COMPLETE’ label)....[continue reading]

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