5 Ways CS6 Production Premium Will Change the Way Editors Work

Studio Daily by Ellen Wixted

CS6 Production Premium is a milestone release, and we at Adobe think it will change the way editors work. Why? CS6 pairs a major overhaul of the editing experience in Adobe Premiere Pro with the biggest release of After Effects in more than a decade. We’ve added a raft of new features to Adobe Audition, so it’s easier than ever to make your productions sound as good as they look. Plus, we’re adding key new tools to your kit: Adobe Prelude, which is designed to simplify logging and ingest of file-based media, and Adobe SpeedGrade, which adds professional grading capabilities. That’s a lot—and it adds up to a powerful suite of tools that help you work faster and deliver higher quality results. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways we think CS6 Production Premium will change your workflow for the better.

1) Edit Your Way with Adobe Premiere Pro

We’ve overhauled the editing experience in Premiere Pro. Sound scary? It shouldn’t. We worked with top-tier professional editors to get feedback on the features we were adding. Hundreds of beta testers gave us incredibly valuable input that shaped every last detail. The result? A new user interface that’s sleek and highly customizable. Trimming tools that are fast and keyboard-driven. A streamlined multi-camera interface with support for an unlimited number of cameras. And dozens of other enhancements, from the new full-screen Cinema Display mode and adjustment layers to a redesigned Three-Way Color Corrector and hover-scrubbing in the Project and Media Browser panels.

Combined with the super-fast Mercury Playback Engine, these improvements make Premiere Pro the central hub for modern post-production. And speaking of the Mercury Playback Engine, if you have a recent MacBook Pro with an AMD graphics card, your GPU will provide awesome real-time effects performance. Plus, the new Mercury Transmit enables third-party I/O card vendors to deliver tighter-than-ever integration. One other improvement I especially love? We’re calling it “uninterrupted playback” because that’s what it does: in CS6 you can apply effects, resize panels, and even go check email without stopping playback. read more...

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