Learn how NewTek NDI will Improve your XSplit Experience

NewTek NDI was introduced a couple of years ago. It’s an IP-based technology that allows you to transmit audio and video over standard GigE networks. So it can replace costly SDI and not as reliable HDMI cables and connections in your live production workflow. Even more important, NDI is a two way communication. This means that in addition to sending video between devices, it allows those devices to communicate with each other and even control each other over the network. Simply amazing! XSplit produced the video tutorial on how to use NDI in their broadcast product. Learn how to improve your XSplit experience with NewTek NDI below!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

In addition, XSplit have produced a tutorial for their blog about how to use other products that support NDI as sources for graphics and content. The blog entry covers the following scenarios:
  • How to make Gamecaster installations on multiple systems visible to a Broadcaster installation via NDI, in order to stream multiple players on your social video channel
  • How to enable NewBlueFX Titler Live Broadcast to provide network-quality 3D motion graphics to an installation of XSplit Broadcaster via NDI.
You can see in the video, the image and the article that the process is as simple as one or two menu selections within each product. So, NDI is very simple to use; yet the result can be a major step up in the quality of a channel producer’s content, with a significant savings in equipment and costs that used to be required to accomplish that level of production. That step up can grow your following and your revenue. Click here to read the full article on NewTek Blogs

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