6 Essential Steps to Create Better Training Videos

Streaming and corporate videos are a great solution for efficient training programs. Epiphan Video recently posted a great article detailing how to provide more effective training videos in six easy steps.

Step 1: Scope the Training Video Requirements

The article suggests that knowing your audience is the first step to a good corporate training video. What is the purpose and end goal of the video, and which employees are watching?

Step 2: Define the Goal to the Audience

Once you have defined the goal, it is important that your video explains the goal to the viewer clearly. Knowing the end game is a great motivator. Consider the needs of the target audience, whether it be sales, marketing, or customer support.

Step 3: Brainstorm Topics and Compile Content

The more complex the end goal of a training video is, the more steps and topics are needed to achieve it. Brainstorm topic ideas and sort them with the audience in mind.

Step 4: Choose the Type of Training Video

There are many different areas of training videos, tailored for many different audiences. Ranging from presenter videos, to how-to videos to role playing videos, picking what type of training video is an important piece to the process.

Step 5: Create a Storyboard and Script

Organization and planning are key. A well planned video will always be more effective and more professional. Story boarding a scripting will help create a more finessed final product.

Step 6: Record and Edit

Once your planning is done and your video is targeted correctly, its time to record and edit.

Check out the full article from Epiphan for more details on each step.

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