6 Essentials You Need for Your Live Streaming Studio

We get asked about live streaming studio setup all of the time and there is an answer for nearly every budget and situation. Epiphan has compiled their 6 essentials in the following article, #5 being a good encoder and video capture cards (also known as video grabbers)! This article is a fantastic reference for anyone looking to build a live streaming studio. Read on for details: From Epiphan's blog

Dreaming of becoming the next Internet sensation? Determined to get started? Here are 6 essentials you need for your live streaming studio.

5. Encoder

To get your content on to the web, you need an encoder that will also stream your content. There are two basic options for that: using a software encoder and computer combo, or using a hardware encoder.

Encoder options

Streaming software OBS is a popular choice for live streaming that’s open platform and free to download. However, the computer running OBS needs enough computing power to handle processing the live video stream. You’ll also need a fast video card. I wouldn’t use less than a 6th or 7th generation quad core i7 computer for most typical live streaming setups. Otherwise, your stream could experience dropped frames and choppy audio – or worse! The live stream can stop altogether, and that would be disastrous.

Bigger computing power is definitely better when it comes to live streaming using software encoders. So don’t skimp on your computer or else you’re in for all sorts of headaches. Epiphan Video offers the AV.io family of external capture cards, which are designed to be tough and easy to use. They’re perfect to get the output from your pro camera in to your software encoder...[continue reading]

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