"6 Months Deep" - Editing Reality TV with Adobe Premiere CS6


Here at The Division we create reality TV. We have a couple shows on air right now, and a few in development. Since the very beginning of our company, we've been all about Final Cut Pro for editing.

About 6 months ago, our company made the decision to switch to Adobe Premiere CS6 as our primary editing app. So for the last half-year or so, we have a few thoughts. Here's some of the features in Premiere CS6 that we have grown to really love...

Mac or PC
Don't get us wrong, we love editing on Mac, but it's no secret that you can get a similarly spec'd PC for a fraction of the price. Premiere runs on Windows or OS X, so you can set up an editing station for much less money. That's great if you're on a budget!

Hover Scrub
We deal with hundreds of clips every day. Most of them are simply labeled with the date, program name, or take number. It takes a lot of time to be descriptive when logging footage, so we tend not to do it. Hover scrub to the rescue. We can simply open a bin full of takes, and hover our pointer over the thumbnail to preview the clip. This shaves LOADS of time off our editing process. read more...

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