7 Dual Xeon Motherboards Take On the Opteron Challenge

Tom's Hardware By: Patrick Schmid Bert TÃ ¶pelt November 11, 2004 After getting whipped by AMD Opteron's performance specs during the past few months, a crop of Intel Xeon mobos offers possibilities that AMD doesn't. Will seven Socket 604 motherboards with features like SATA-II, PCI Express and DDR2 help Intel get its Xeon off the ropes? Asus NCT-DOpteron-based systems, without the added boost of expensive DDR2 memory, have slowly eroded the Xeon architecture's hegemony in the workstation market. Meanwhile, Intel hasn't remained sitting still, and has skillfully revamped its Xeon architecture. As a result, the current chipset called E7525 has no problem outclassing the current Opteron chipsets VIA K8T800 Pro and AMD 8000. While the PCI Express enabled versions from NVIDIA and VIA will help to bring Opteron systems back into the premier league, they will not see launch before next year. read more...

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