7-Eleven Uses NewTek TriCasters for Retail Education

NewTek TriCasters are paving the way for success in retail education in Thailand. In this article by Ellen Camloh, demonstrates how convenient and easy it is to operate a NewTek TriCaster. Easy Switch NewTek “We chose NewTek TriCaster® because it is easy to use,” says the group. “It’s a flexible system that works well with many other devices, and also reduces the number of devices and peripherals we need to control all broadcasts.” What’s more, they agree, “it makes the media more interesting and varied. This affects the students’ interest and achievement in a greatly improved way.” So much improved, in fact, that they’re now equipped with two TriCaster 410 systems in two studios, with integration provided by Monsan Pipatponglert, engineering consultant at integrator Samart Comtech – and broadcasting them via satellite and digital terrestrial to remote sites. Says Raymond Siew, a NewTek product expert and sales engineer, the school is broadcasting seven days a week, with programming in two parts – live broadcasts for the first half of the day, then a replay of the entire program for the second half. The content of the live show, says Siew, is typically a lecturer, instructing students how to use various applications for specific tasks – “such as showing steps and tips to create a PowerPoint, and how to add animation to a slide, and things like that.” The lecturer would be working on a desktop computer, with its display output via an HDMI cable to an SDI converter that connects into the TriCaster 410. “They will do everything they need to in their PC application, and everything on their screen is captured into the TriCaster.” With the computer screen feeding into the TriCaster, the video operator can switch back and forth between sources – including the lecturer’s camera, additional video feeds, and even Skype calls with a remote site – while the lecturer proceeds to work with the presentation. While PAT has a couple of staff members who operate the system during productions, says Siew, TriCaster allows them to preset many functions so they can do more elaborate effects without a great deal of expertise – a crucial requirement of the solution. “We’re not concerned about how long it will take to train TriCaster beginners,” say the technical specialists. “We do not worry, because TriCaster is easy to use.” Click here to read the full article on NewTek Blogs

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