7 Fantastic Adobe Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks

Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro

As someone who uses Premiere Pro, I find myself discovering things all the time about the software I use. Saving a lot of time is often the result.

But sometimes these epiphanies come months apart. I'm here to save you some of that time thanks to an article I just read by Jourdan Aldredge (Video journalist for Premium Beat)

Choose your timeline

Cherry Picked Timeline

Pull out what you want to use for footage when you lay it all out. Split it, mark it, do whatever you need to do to make that clip stand out. This way you know what to put into you editing timeline!

Timeline Nesting

Timeline nesting

Nesting with Premiere Pro allows an editor to place sequences into other sequences. The video above demonstrates how to do this and it's saved me loads of time. This helps with rendering, processing, and more!

Speed Ramping & Time Remapping

3 Quick Ways to Use Time Remapping (SPEED RAMPING) | Video Editing tutorials

I've often used time remapping in commercials I've been hired to shoot and edit together. This video shows all the steps on how to do this and help you video stand out from others!

Motion Tracking


After Effects is a scary beast. I only like to touch it when i have to. Therefore this video helped me quickly learn how powerful and simple Premiere Pro's motion tracking tool is.


Color Grading Using the Lumetri Color Panels | PremiumBeat.com

This video has helped me out a lot. It's quick and easy to understand breaking down everything you need to know about Premiere Pro's Lumetri Color Panels!

Slow Motion

Premiere Pro: Smooth Slow Motion

Having slow motion is something I used in many of my videos. Here are some great ways to get that slow motion smooth without much effort.

Animated Graphics

How to Animate in the Essential Graphics Panel | Video Editing Tutorials

The small things will always make your video stand out from the others. Animating with Premiere Pro is one way to do this. Jason Boone did a great video on how to set these up in just a few minutes!

Read the original article here!

Check out some cool Adobe Premiere tools with Boris FX here!

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