7 Recommended No-Budget Post-Production Tools

Filmmaker by Craig Bergonzoni

Being an independent filmmaker means we are often times working with very little money but still making our projects happen. We use any tools and tricks we can get our hands on to help us finish or enhance our films. Of course these have to fit within our budgetary constraints. Here is a list of post production tools that are affordable for the no budget filmmaker.

1. Blender - 3D Modeling & Animation (Win, Linux & Mac)
I’m constantly amazed at what this FREE program can do. It includes many features found in competing 3D apps that cost hundreds and many times thousands of dollars. Even if all you use it for is to create cool looking 3D text for intro credits it is worth downloading and learning. Best of all, the online Blender community is awesome. With some simple online searches you can find Blender tutorials, sample projects, sample models, plug-ins and Blender experts willing to help.

2. Lightworks - Non-Linear Editor (Win) (Linux & Mac support planned)
Until recently, a low cost yet professional NLE has been pretty difficult to come by. Editshare’s Lighworks now fills that void. Lightworks comes in 2 versions. The standard version which is Free and a Pro version which costs $60 a year. A handful of features make the Pro version worth the $60, but some of the top features are wider codec support & more access to the Lightworks community through their site. In order to use Lightworks you must have a PC running Windows, but Linux support is right around the corner, and Mac support is in the pipeline as well. Make no mistake about it, this is a work hourse of a NLE. Many Hollywood films have been cut on it. Check out the Free version and upgrade to Pro if you dig it. read more...

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