After the five things cinematographers can do to make their editor happier, and the art of shooting B-Roll, another way to ensure that the transition between production and post-production is as smooth as possible is to think like an editor while you shoot. DSLR Video Shooter gives out 7 tips to help you nail that mindset in their videos.

7 Tips to Shoot Like an Editor

1 ? Film Transitional Shots

This is valid for any type of work, but especially key for documentary-style video. ?The idea is that you want the end of your shot to transition from a subject to either black or white or a solid color. What this allows you to do is transition from one shot to the other without any kind of artificial transition.?

2 ? Slate Your Shots

?If you?re on a set where it?s a very complicated shoot with a lot of informations and a lot of angles, you can do yourself a huge favor by slating your shot.[?] Before you hit record, have the slate in front of the camera and in focus.? The extra seconds you take on set to slate your shots can save you a lot of time in post-producton, when you or your editor are trying to sort out everything you?ve shot. It?s also a good way to keep your shooting organized as with the digital cameras, there is a temptation to roll all the time.

3 ? Overlap Your Shots

?You will want all of your footage to overlap, especially if you?re shooting a lot of sequential footage.? Basically the idea here is to record a full action each time you?re changing angle. Sure, this is not how Robert Rodriguez did it, but this is the way to go if you want to give yourself or your editor options to cut. read more...

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