These 7 Tips will Help You Promote Your Live Broadcast

7-promotional-tipsLive broadcast events are more popular than ever, but gaining and keeping an audience is tricky. Use these 7 tips to create a powerful action plan for promoting your online event. Number one is social media. The key is to work toward developing a long-term vision and consistently work to build connections. Do you need advice on building a live production studio? Check out our special guide for that here, Videoguys DIY Guide to Setting Up Your Affordable Live Production and Streaming Studio.
1. Use social media. The marketing power social media offers is incredible. Not only can you instantly publicize and share information about your event with a large and interested audience; that entire audience has the power to share your content to their own friends and followers. When leveraged successfully, social media is the most powerful advertising tool in the world... ...A final word — promotion and publicity is a long-term investment (not an overnight project.) The earlier you start making connections and building relationships, the more effectively you’ll be able to promote your live broadcasts (or any other event for that matter.) For that reason, many of the tools and strategies discussed above are aimed at building those types of lasting connections...[To see all 7 Tips continue reading on GoLiveWith's feed]

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