703 Bolt Wireless Director: SmallHD and Teradek Combine Technology

Wireless applications are greatly desired in the media field. Whether if it's to share storage or transmit feeds, if it has a wireless solution that will be integrating into your workflow. In some cases going to a wireless system for anything may drive costs down long-term but will increase productivity immediately. In that spirit SmallHD and Teradek came together to create a wireless monitor , the SmallHD 703 Bolt Wireless Director's Monitor. This device allows anyone with the monitor to keep an eye on the production from wherever they may be. It's practical to think this is only good for big productions, but for those smaller productions that might not be able to have the room for a full monitoring system this is an excellent affordable solution.

“Our clients have long been requesting a monitor of SmallHD’s caliber that’s cable-free, so it made perfect sense to partner with Teradek,” said Wes Phillips, SmallHD CEO and co-founder.

The 703 Bolt combines SmallHD’s daylight viewable seven-inch, 1920x1080p display, with a built-in Teradek Bolt receiver. The receiver is compatible with Teradek Bolt 500, 1000 or 3000 transmitters.

The system can receive and display video from as far away as 300 feet from the transmitter. Powered by a single Anton Bauer or V-mount battery pack, the monitor can be viewed and receive signals for over four hours on a single 90 watt-hour battery....[continue reading]

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