8 Myths About Cloud Computing for Video Professionals


1. The Cloud is just a fad

Definitely not.

With the rise of mobile computing through smartphones and tablets, and ever-improving internet connections, people are no longer tied to one desktop computer at their home or office. Developers recognised people now needed to be able use their software or access their information from any device.

As a result, more and more services and software are cloud-based. Email is most likely the first cloud-based service you’ve used with the likes of Hotmail and Gmail. Now the cloud is used to provide all manner of tools and services from simple things such as calendars and task management (Milk, Evernote, Google Calendar), through to more complex file storage and collaboration tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud), and full on productivity packages such as the Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. And that’s not to mention the specialist marketing, finance and HR tools increasingly being used by businesses. And of course, video production tools.

The cloud is not a fad. The cloud is here to stay.

2. The Cloud isn’t secure

These days, security is always a major concern - your files and data are important and users need to know their cloud services are secure. Most reputable cloud service providers will employ the same online security measures as banks use to handle your money. But it's always worth checking if you want peace of mind.

For critical data, make sure services are using secure connections (look out for the padlock icon or 'https' in your browser’s address bar) and check their website to see if they explain what other steps they take. read more...

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