8 Tips for Your School's Next Investment in Production Technology from the Videoguys

 On today's Videoguys Live, Gary talks about all the opportunities schools have to expand video and IP across schools. 

In 2020 schools had to just make remote learning and streaming work…

In 2021 schools made it look better, work better and easier to do. 

In 2022 we can make it more engaging, collaborative and powerful! 

Don't Miss Out On The Money!

-HUGE amounts of Federal and State funds are still available for technology!​
-More than Remote learning​

-Use video to Live Stream Sports, Performances, Meetings, Events & Staff Development ​

  • PTZ Cameras for remote learning​
  • Encoders for CMS​
  • Mobile Streaming solutions​
  • Production Studios

Using video to build the home-school connection . Reach the community, alumni & other supporters

  • Sports Production​
  • Student Performances​
  • School Announcements​
  • Social Media​
  • Community Outreach​
  • Staff Development​
  • BOE, PTA meetings​
  • Other community events (scouts, clubs, etc)

Teach Your Students These 21st Century Skills

  • Storytelling and content creation
  • Video Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Editing & Post Production
  • Video for Social Media

Investment Tip #1: 
More cameras create better productions. PTZ & Z Cameras are easy to add!

  • Place in classrooms, auditoriums and any other instructional area
  • Use multiple cameras for bigger spaces, classrooms, auditoriums
  • Create dedicated remote teaching rooms
  • Add additional cameras without the need for additional operators
  • Network cameras (NDI) can be installed and made available anywhere in school

Investment Tip #2:
PTZ Controllers

  • Already have a PTZ camera? Add a controller for easy and precise control of your cameras
  • Use one camera to set up multiple angles
  • Set presets for common movements

Investment Tip #3:
Auto Tracking

  • Make lectures more engaging & interesting
  • Allow teachers the freedom to teach as they always have
  • HuddleCam HD SimplTrack
  • All BirdDog Cameras with Cam Control 3.0
  • Panasonic Auto Tracking software available
  • MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro for advanced AI compatible with all PTZ cameras!

Investment Tip #4:
CMS / LMS with an integrated hardware encoder 

  • NEW! NewTek CaptureCast
  • Epiphan Pearl Family
  • Matrox Monarch LCS

The world’s first NDI®-native, fully automated, lecture capture solution

Investment Tip #5: Go Mobile ​
Perfect for sports and outdoor events

Investment Tip #6:​
Upgrade your Production System​ For multicamera productions,​ Remote guests & REMI​

  • NewTek TriCaster System​
  • Epiphan Pearl Family​
  • Telestream Wirecast Gear 3​
  • Panasonic HLC100, UHS500, ​ & KAIROS

Video production solutions​ for events performances and plays

Video production solutions​ for events performances and plays

Video production solutions​ for events performances and plays

Investment Tip #7:
Add Instant Replay and Graphic Overlays

  • Perfect for sports productions
  • SimplyLive R8 Replay
  • NewTek 3Play Replay System
  • Grass Valley AMPP Replay

Investment tip #8: NDI is perfect for schools! ​
Easily combine legacy equipment and new equipment and make cameras and sources available anywhere on the network

Videoguys' 8 Tips ​for Your School

1. Add cameras... PTZ & Z-cams!​
2. Add a PTZ Controller​
3. Add Auto-tracking​
4. Add CMS with integrated encoder​
5. Go mobile​
6. Upgrade your production system​
7. Add a replay system​
8. Upgrade with NDI

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