A Decade of Panasonic’s PTZ Camera Innovation

Panasonic has been a leading name in the development of Pan Tilt Zoom camera for a decade now. Their original box camera design with the pan-tilt head was released on the market in 1999. Today we see newer models like the UE150, for both AR and virtual reality.

Panasonic's latest PTZ innovations were one of the hottest topics at IBC 2019.

The company's new AW-UE150 camera is the first PTZ camera to provide Position Data Notification or PTZF. The camera is compatible with Virtual Studio and Augmented Reallity applications.

Another great development is the combination of Panasonic and Zero Density. This creates a cost effective and photorealistic virtual studio production solutions mainly for small or mid level television production studios.

Provideocoalition.com recently posted a great look at Panasonic's developments on PTZ Cameras. Check it out HERE

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