A Former Avid Employee’s Thoughts On FCPX

techvessel by Zac Cichy

A Former Avid Employee’s Thoughts On FCPX: “Even though the FCPX rollout seemingly exposes Apple’s hubris, I’m glad they did it.”

I have personally written at length with my own thoughts regarding FCPX, and if you’d like you can read those prior pieces through the following links:

FCPX: Risk, & The Democratization of Accessibility

Apple’s FCPX Gamble: Ignore The Players, Change The Game

I may write more about FCPX in the future, but in the short term – I wanted to give my readers something that wasn’t just more of my own thoughts, nor a rehash of what’s already been posted out there. I think I came up with something you’ll all enjoy. :)


I bumped into Mike Bernardo through a mutual friend, Gabe Glick on Twitter. Gabe had started a thread on Google+ in which he shared a couple of my tweets regarding my perspective on Apple’s rationale behind FCPX’s release:

@zcichy: “They are making two bets: 1) A lot of current Pro users will stick with it through this transition period, despite frustration, and 2) that the prosumer video market will boom and take off the way prosumer photography did.”

This spurred a great conversation that culminated in this fascinating post from Mike: read more...

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