Video Guide to Practical Uses of RAID from RGG EDU

Screen Shot 03-03-16 at 03.20 PMThe team over at RGG EDU did a great job working with G-Tech to produce this fantastic informational series of videos explaining the basics of RAID technology. They are under 5 minutes each. Short and sweet and to the point. If you are a digital photographer or videographer, you owe it to yourself to watch these videos. Then check out our Videoguys Top 10 G-Tech Storage Solutions to find the G-Tech drive that is right for your workflow and budget! Heat is the enemy of all drives and many other external drive vendors do not properly ventilate or cool their units. In addition the quality control on the drives these other vendors use in their drives are simply not as tight or rigorous as those used by G-Tech. G-Tech drives are designed for good air flow and heat dissipation. Their Raids are also fan cooled. Their quality control is excellent. We’ve been selling GTech storage for almost 10 years and the long-term reliability has been superb.

Part 1: What Does RAID mean in Hard Drives

In part 1 we explain the practical uses of RAID in your everyday backup and workflow, some options, and what to look for when buying a drive.

Part 2: What is RAID 0 and When to Use it

In part 2 we explore RAID 0, what that means, and how to best utilize it in your workflow.

Part 3: What is a RAID 1 Hard Drive

In part 3 we explore the practical uses of RAID 1, what it means, and how you can utilize these drives into your workflow.

Part 4: What is a RAID 5 Hard Drive

In part 4 we explore the practical use of RAID 5, what it means, and how it can be utilized. Check out the other RAID videos in this series to explore more of how to utilize RAID.

Part 5: How Do Mobile Drives Compare to RAID Drives

In Part 5 of 5 we cover the comparison of using bus powered Mobile ATC drives on location compared to the speed of RAID systems covered in previous videos.

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