A Little (Big) Avid Media Composer & Final Cut Pro X Trimming Demonstration

PVC by Scott Simmons

This is my contribution to a recent Twitter discussion about the joys of Dynamic Trimming

Ever since the release of Final Cut Pro X there?s been a lot of discussion around FCPX?s trimming capabilities. They are quite strong with a very fluid way of trimming edits using the mouse, looping playback as well as some keyboard shortcuts. Users of Avid Media Composer have always insisted that one of Avid?s main strengths is advanced Dynamic Trimming. There?s been much debate about this and a couple of recent videos dig into Avid?s Dynamic Trimming strengths. Here?s my video contribution where, as usual, a simple idea turned into a monster.

A discussion on Final Cut Grill episode 74 asked this question: Why is Avid entrenched in reality television?Chris Fenwick, the show?s host, brought Avid editor Austin Flack on the show to talk about why Media Composer is still king of the castle when it comes to editors working in Hollywood and reality show cutting. One of those main reasons that Austin brought up was Dynamic Trimming in Avid. He even produced a video to illustrate his point.

But this debate continued with some FCPX users pointing out that FCPX can do this same type of dynamic trimming that Austin showed. read more...

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