A Look Ahead at HDTV, Shot by You

NY Times Review by David Pogue NY TimesWHEN it comes to attitudes toward high-definition TV, you can pretty much divide the world into three camps. Group A thinks HDTV is the greatest invention since the microwave, and counts the hours until the nation's transition to HDTV is complete. Group B thinks that HDTV is an enormous boondoggle, a bald-faced government-industry conspiracy to milk the citizenry for billions. And Group C would just like somebody to explain what HDTV is. No problem, C. HDTV is a new, improved video format. The picture is wide, like a movie screen. And it's so sharp, you can practically count the actors' pores. For many people, one look at the stunningly clear, realistic picture is enough to - well, to push them into Group A. The trouble is, of course, that switching your life to the HDTV format involves buying all new TV sets, camcorders, VCR's and DVD players. (This, of course, is the part that irks Group B.) read more...

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