A Mac user's take on Premiere Pro CS3

Digital Arts by Antony Bolante Premiere CS3 Think back to 2002. Around the same time that Spiderman was battling the Green Goblin in that summer's blockbuster movie, Adobe produced Premiere 6.5 -- a release that turned out to be the last Mac-compatible version of its non-linear video editing application. Despite -- or possibly because of -- its longevity, Premiere had lost some ground to rival programs. Premiere appeared slow to innovate and almost reluctant to let go of its inelegant editing paradigm. At the same time, Apple's Final Cut Pro (spearheaded by one of Premiere's own creators) was the slick new kid on the block. Adobe found itself competing for share of the comparatively small Mac user base. So it was hardly a surprise that the next version of Premiere, released in 2003 as Premiere Pro, turned out to be a Windows-only application. Things have changed considerably in the ensuing five years. The Mac market is growing, in part because of Apple's decision to switch to Intel-based processors. And as Spiderman does battle with the Green Goblin's vengeful son in this summer's blockbuster movie, Premiere is about to return to the Mac in the form of Premiere Pro CS3. read more...

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