A new 5K Retina screened iMac, upgraded Mac Mini and the launch of OS X Yosemite


We were not really interested in the new iPad Air or paying with a thumbprint, but Apple's presentation brought a stunning new 5K screened iMac, an updated Mac mini and the release of the new OS Yosemite.

Apple have been fast off the mark and published Tim Cook's presentation quickly. No colour bars or Chinese interpretation over the top you will be glad to hear!

The presentation below is an hour and twenty minutes long, here are the times we are interested in:

18:30 Yosemite

52:11 Presentation of Pixelmator and the video editing application Replay on the iPad.

1:01:50 The new 5K iMac including FCPX making short appearance at 1:07:43. Phil Schiller mentions that you can edit 4K video pixel for pixel and have room for the timeline and 'bins.' to be fair, the official press release gets it right!

"In apps like Final Cut Pro X, you can view 4K video at full size while still leaving plenty of room for your assets and editing tools." read more...

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