A Practical Look at Improving Footage in Premiere Pro CS6

macProVideo by Clay Asbury

In this article, we will look at improving footage with two new features in Premiere Pro CS6: Warp Stabilizer and Adjustment Layers.

Instead of just going over the new features, I thought we would look at practical ways that you can use them, and any issues and workflows when using them. The footage I’m using is from Canon 5D and T2i DSLR’s and has common issues you will often run into (handheld, underexposed, mixed frame sizes).
Example 1 - Removing camera shake to create a locked down shot

I shot some footage for a mini-doc, and it was a quick shoot without lights and handheld footage. I had a shot of a house porch that I needed to use for an establishing shot.

First, I applied the the Warp Stabilizer effect to the clip. A new feature in CS6 is that you don’t have to drag effects onto clips, just select the clip in the timeline and double-click on the effect in the Effects Tab to apply it. read more...

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