A PVC Roundtable discussion around the highlights and developments of 2014 with some predictions for 2015 and beyond

PVC What Will You Remember About 2014? 2014 saw a number of shakeups across media & entertainment. AJA?s announcement of the CION at NAB grabbed a lot of attention and headlines, but the FS7 from Sony and the VariCams from Panasonic proved various manufactures had something to show off this year. Updates that Adobe rolls out on a frequent basisare just as noteworthily, if not as newsworthy, in 2014 as they used to be, but we might remember this as the year Avid made a significant commitment to Avid Everywhere and their subscription model, although it remains to be seen what that will mean for them and for their customers. 2014 was also the year that we got 512GB SD Cards, so we have officially increased the SD card capacity by 1,000 times in just over a decade. The year as a whole clearly illustrated that technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and nowhere was that more evident than in the drone/UAV space, as you only have to take a quick glance at what?s available now to realize the opportunities that are out there. That?s just a quick and very high-level look at 2014 though, and doesn?t begin to get into or explain what the year meant and will mean to professionals at every level. What stood out and really made this year different? Or not so different? Were there any products or services that really surprised you in 2014? Anything you can look back on as a catalyst for 2015? Or for the industry as a whole? Jeff Foster - The Pixel Painter The 4K elephant in the room dictates that we move quickly to adopt the workflow or risk be crushed under his weight. While even the GoPros now offer 4K/24-30p I need to seriously update all my hardware to edit it. And since NONE of my current work sees broadcast TV or even the big screen - I can't even use the full capabilities of the footage I shoot or are given to work with - other than cropping or downscaling. read more...

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