A royalty-based licence agreement announced by Atomos and RED

Red.com, LLC and Atomos Ltd have reached an agreement in relation to Atomos’ use of some of RED’s intellectual property.
CEO of Atomos, Jeromy Young, said, “Atomos and RED are now further aligned to make more breakthrough video recording technology much more affordable with no compromise to creative freedom. RED have always been at the center of digital cinema technology and propelled the industry forward at an amazing rate. We are happy to be able to now work closely with RED, not only by utilizing some of their key intellectual property, but in joining forces with them on future products.”

In the process of negotiating Atomos’ licence to use RED’s intellectual property, the companies recognized that there is opportunity for them to enhance the integration of their product lines to produce what they both expect to be trail-blazing new camera recording systems. While the two companies have for many years collaborated together, this next phase of the relationship will be one to watch out for.

“We welcome the new relationship with Atomos and feel that their innovation combined with our patented technology should fuel broader adoption of 4k and above, content creation. We are looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership.”

- President of RED Digital Cinema, Jarred Land

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