A Special Offer from 5D Leaks for our customers!

Every editor worth his salt has a good set of light leaks. It’s an effect that creates dynamic transitions, energy and motion. I decided to create 5DLeaks because quite frankly I needed a quality set of my own. Also, I wasn’t too excited forking out $100 for similar sets available online.

At $19.99, I wanted to price 5DLeaks at a point that made sense for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you’re putting together a highlight reel of your best friend attempting his first ollie or your editing a music video, this set provides tremendous longevity without breaking the bank.

VideoGuys.com is not only a wonderfully abundant storefront but their blog information always keeps me up to date. It’s a great place to gain insight on industry news and product information. VideoGuys.com seemed like a tremendous place to offer an exclusive promotional discount in our first month of sales. We are offering a 20% discount code through the end of January for VideoGuys blog readers. Simply enter the discount code videoguys to save 20% on your order. Visit 5DLeaks.com to pick up your set today. Available for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut X and Premiere editors.
George Wiley

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