A Vancouver Videographer’s Top 6 predictions for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Vancouver Video Productions Blog by Shawn Lam

Last year was a good one for Adobe. Long time rival Apple and its Final Cut Pro video editing software program arguably left the professional video editing market when they announced Final Cut X at NAB. Well it wasn’t technically at NAB but it was during NAB and in Las Vegas a short monorail ride away from the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The exit of Final Cut from the professional video editing market and the fact that Adobe Premiere Pro has benefitted from 64 bit architecture and GPU acceleration since 2010’s CS5, led to an increase in market share for Adobe in 2011.

With less than three weeks to go before Adobe is going to publicly announce updates to the entire Production Premium Suite of applications, video editors have been speculating as to what features Adobe will add in an already impressive and integrated suite of video editing applications. CS5 was the last time the entire suite was upgraded, in CS5.5 some of the applications, like Adobe Encore, only received bug fixes.

I’m about to sign a non-disclosure agreement that will prevent me from sharing all that Adobe tells me. The embargo ends 12:01 AM on April 23rd, although there will be a soft-launch of teasers April 16th, the day when NAB 2012 opens its trade show doors to the public. So before Adobe tells me anything I wanted to take a guess at what we will see in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Here are my Top 6 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Feature Predictions: read more...

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