A VERY HAPPY and Satisfied Videoguys Customer!

Dear Videoguys,

I found your site yesterday on internet and ordered a hard drive. While on the site I checked out what you had to say about the "rules of storage". Now, I've got to say something about me.

I'm a grip in NYC ( IATSE 52 ) and got into editing at home a year or so ago using Premiere pro cs3 on a cheap PC that I suped up from the off-the-shelf model ( put in better power supply, graphics card, cpu, ram, hard drive when I got home from store ).

Although I work as a grip I sometimes work with camera closely ( dolly grip ) and went to Pratt for fine arts ( major photography )...

Soooo, I taught myself as much as I could about video and film and digital stuff in the past year or so...and recently worked on a tv pilot using Alexa ( 3 of them ), shooting C log on SxS cards, and being edited by megaplayground ( nyc ).

Long story short...I LOVE the fact that I got the hard drive TODAY ( one day after I ordered it ! ). Rod ordered a G-Tech G-Raid

I LOVE the way you dedicate some of your site to information and details that HELP people understand what they are dealing with.

I will definitely mention you to people at work and wherever I meet people ( like me ) interested in getting stuff and dealing with good people. Thanks.

Rod B.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Would it be OK if i added your email to our blog?

Sure thing ! You know, I hate to admit it but I didn't even KNOW when I wrote the email that you guys are in Glen Cove ( I'm in Elmont but grew up in New Hyde Park ). Now I feel even MORE friendly toward your operation as we are neighbors too ! Anyway, I look forward to checking with you later on when I upgrade my computer, etc.

I put the hard drive on computer last night and it's working great. Thanks again.

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