A VERY HAPPY and Satisfied Videoguys Customer!

Here at Videoguys we pride ourselves on having the very best service and support. It makes us proud when one of our customers takes the time to drop us an email letting us know how valuable you find our website, how helpful our people are and how quickly we turn around your orders.

Thank You Rod for sharing the love!

Dear Videoguys,

I found your site yesterday on internet and ordered a hard drive. While on the site I checked out what you had to say about the "rules of storage". Now, I've got to say something about me.

I'm a grip in NYC ( IATSE 52 ) and got into editing at home a year or so ago using Premiere pro cs3 on a cheap PC that I suped up from the off-the-shelf model ( put in better power supply, graphics card, cpu, ram, hard drive when I got home from store ).

Although I work as a grip I sometimes work with camera closely ( dolly grip ) and went to Pratt for fine arts ( major photography )...

Soooo, I taught myself as much as I could about video and film and digital stuff in the past year or so...and recently worked on a tv pilot using Alexa ( 3 of them ), shooting C log on SxS cards, and being edited by megaplayground ( nyc ).

Long story short...I LOVE the fact that I got the hard drive TODAY ( one day after I ordered it ! ). Rod ordered a G-Tech G-Raid

I LOVE the way you dedicate some of your site to information and details that HELP people understand what they are dealing with.

I will definitely mention you to people at work and wherever I meet people ( like me ) interested in getting stuff and dealing with good people. Thanks.

Rod B.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Would it be OK if i added your email to our blog?

Sure thing ! You know, I hate to admit it but I didn't even KNOW when I wrote the email that you guys are in Glen Cove ( I'm in Elmont but grew up in New Hyde Park ). Now I feel even MORE friendly toward your operation as we are neighbors too ! Anyway, I look forward to checking with you later on when I upgrade my computer, etc.

I put the hard drive on computer last night and it's working great. Thanks again.

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