Across the Lines: Editing in the Different NLEs


In this day and age, many of us editors are starting to work on different NLEs quite frequently, so in this article, I am hoping to cross the great divide, and bridge the differences between the different NLEs, in terms of the edit keys and functions. Despite all the passionate debate surrounding the death of FCP7, using an NLE really isn't the same as supporting a soccer club. They are just tools. Tools we use to tell a story. In this article, I will give examples from Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer 6, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Here are some of the commonly used edit tools in Avid MC:

And here are some of them in FCP 7:

Then, here are some of them in PPro CS:

The Avid Angle

Avid, being one of the older digital editing machines, was designed to work in "modes"- source/record mode, segment mode, trim mode, and effects mode. read more...

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