Adobe Anywhere for Video to Let Users Collaborate over Almost Any Network

Stduiodaily by Bryant Frazer

Mercury Streaming Engine Conserves Bandwidth, Lets the Server Do the Grunt Work

Adobe today announced Adobe Anywhere for video, an in-development technology that the company says will allow multiple users of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude to collaborate by accessing centralized media and assets from any location.
Adobe Anywhere will run on standard Gigabit Ethernet networks, the company said. A fat pipe between the Adobe Anywhere server and the remote workstation is not required, because most of the heavy lifting is done on the server. Thus, a user can composite an image using multiple HD layers, but upon playback only a relatively lightweight viewing stream is sent to the laptop. Changes made to a shared timeline are immediately available to other users.
Streaming is handled by a system Adobe calls the Mercury Streaming Engine, echoing the GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine that's already built into Premiere Pro and After Effects. An "intelligent codec" will scale the quality of playback based on the available bandwidth. Adobe said content should be viewable on small laptop or tablet screens via a Wi-Fi network. A 3G cellular network would enable "management views." read more..

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