Adobe Audition Saves the Day

DMN Tuorial By Frank Moldstad AuditionFrequency Space Editing solves a nasty problem What do you get when you closely mic an acoustic guitar that needs some setup work, playing a piece with sliding chords? A chorus of squeaks and buzzes to accompany the guitar. That's what I was faced with recently, and the prognosis was grim. But fortunately, Adobe Audition's Frequency Space Editing feature succeeded at solving the problem after everything else had failed. I tried EQing the unwanted sounds out, which didn't work because they spanned the guitar frequencies. I tried zooming into the waveform recording and deleting the noises, but that proved impossible -- not only were they hard to find, they were joined to the music in such a way that I couldn't delete a squeak without snipping off the beginning of a chord. Read More...

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