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As a long time user of Adobe programs such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects, I was concerned about the pending move to subscription services when it was first announced. There was (and still is) a lot of bad press towards Adobe and Creative Cloud, including a petition. When Shane told me that we would be using a one year trial of Adobe’s service, I was pretty excited to see what was really being offered.

For those of you that are interested in a cost analysis of the subscription service, compared to buying software and upgrades, CNET has done just that and you can read it here.

Tools for the Cinematographer and the Photo Journalist

This post is geared for those who work with low or no budget, shoot short films, mini-documentaries or are a one-man band type shooter, highlighting the power and versatility of Adobe products for production work.

In my opinion, the most powerful aspect of Adobe Creative Cloud is that you basically have a mini-studio. CC offers full access to all of their software, as well as some extra additions to programs such as After Effects. For the independent creative, it means being able to design (graphics, storyboards, style frames), organize large portfolios or catalogs, shoot, edit video and audio, color grade, create visuals effects, motion graphics and/or digital matte paintings, work in 3D, and publish to print, web or social media — all within their product line. Because you have complete access to all the software, it is an excellent opportunity to learn other disciplines that enhance your work, even if it is not your main skill. This has become an increasingly important qualification in journalism. One is not only expected to shoot video as well as photographs, but to take the project through post production and final delivery. read more...

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