Adobe Creative Cloud helps blast “Thunderbirds” back to the small screen

OK, I admit it. As a kid Thunderbirds was one of my favorite TV shows. I collected all the rockets. To this day if I'm flipping through the channels and I see my beloved Tracy Brothers in all their super-marionation glory I have to watch. Check out how top studios ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures reimagine classic British sci-fi TV series using Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe by Meagan Keane Fifty years after Thunderbirds debuted, the Tracy brothers are coming back to the small screen in the brand new series, Thunderbirds Are Go. Produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures, the new series replaces its well-known marionettes with CGI, but combines the animated characters with live-action miniature models developed by Weta Workshop. Producer Stuart McAra and Series Editor Anthony Cox help Thunderbirds Are Go balance modern technologies with retro feel. Adobe: Tell us about Thunderbirds Are Go. McAra: Thunderbirds Are Go is a reimagining that is definitely full of love for both the original Thunderbirds and Gerry Anderson’s legacy. A lot of us working on this project grew up watching Thunderbirds, so we’re trying to keep the heart of the story. Even though we’re updating the characters to CGI, the movements are more stylized than naturalistic, which should remind fans of the show’s puppet roots. We’re also mixing the computer animation with lots of fantastic miniature and model work that pays tribute to the original show. read more...

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