Adobe CS3 Production Premium Suite

Ken Stone's FCP by David A. Saraceno CS3 Production Premium MacCS3 Production Premium suite, optimized for Intel Macintoshes and incrementally certified for Leopard, continues Adobe's legacy of excellent, useful and widely-supported applications for video professionals. The new bundle adds a few wrinkles as well. Premiere returns to the Mac after a multi-year absence, Encore is welcomed to the Mac, and Adobe includes Windows-only On Location CS3 in the Mac suite for use in Bootcamp on Intel Macs. On Location CS 3, previously a Serious Magic video product, creates a software digital field monitor on a laptop to setup and record video directly to HDD. It does not run under virtualization solutions such as VMWare or Parallels. This is a capsulated look at the CS3 versions of Photoshop (Extended), After Effects, and Premiere for the Macintosh. New versions of Flash, Illustrator, Soundbooth, Encore, Adobe Dynamic Link, Bridge, and Device Central constitute the rest of the bundle, but aren't extensively discussed. The review was completed shortly after Adobe updated Premiere to add native MXF editing for Panasonic HVX200 users and provided Leopard compatibility. More on that later. Premiere, Photoshop, and Soundbooth are certified for Leopard, and After Effects will be by year's end. However, most reports indicate that everything works fine right now. The New Hallmark: Better Integration. The CS3 applications are more tightly integrated than previously. Premiere and AE project files can be dynamically linked and content updated in each when changes are made in the linked file. There is better interactivity among Encore, Premiere, and AE, and more export options to Flash. In fact, Flash video creation is greatly eased in Premiere, AE and Encore. Adobe CS Bridge expands its media management capabilities and appears less buggy than earlier versions, but its treatment of movie files was inconsistent. For example, Bridge wouldn't preview .mov files without the extension appended. FCP self-contained movies were located, but also wouldn't preview. Better compatibility with QuickTime and the MacOS is recommended. read more...

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