Adobe CS5.5 Max Render Quality & NVIDIA GPU acceleration

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GPU acceleration gives the same level of render quality as Maximum Render Quality, even if you don’t check the Maximum Render Quality box.

But instead of a performance hit, you gain a 6-7x performance boost.

Let me start-off by saying that Jan Ozer is my favourite video technology writer and speaker. I first met him in Jacksonville, FL at the defunct 4EVERGroup’s Video ’07 video conventions, where we were both speakers. Steve Nathans, EventDV Magazine’s editor-in-chief, was also there and recruited me to join the EventDV team. Since then I have been writing alongside of Jan at EventDV and there is definitely some overlap in our interests and areas of expertise. For example, we both specialize in Adobe Premiere Pro and have experience with webcasting and dance recital video production.

To this day I am still a big fan of his and try to read everything he writes, which is challenging as he writes so much and for so many different publications.

Yesterday I was reading some articles at and came across one of his new video tutorials. The title of How to Dramatically Improve Your Video Quality in Adobe Premiere caught my attention and I immediately watched the video, which I have embedded below.

In his tutorial, Ozer discusses the difference in render quality when you check the Use Maximum Render Quality box in the Export Settings. He also commented on the use of NVIDIA graphics cards and their impact on render time. I’ve reviewed Adobe Production Premium CS5.5, the suite that includes Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder, for EventDV, and received a some reviewer training from Adobe when it was still in beta. Part of the training included a discussion of the impact of GPU acceleration, provided by approved NVIDIA CUDA cards, on both render time and render quality. read more...

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