Adobe CS5: DSLR video editing for video professionals

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Little cameras are bringing big changes, and your entire production toolset has to keep up. If you're exploring the exciting new visual possibilities of DSLR video, Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Production Premium software, available for Mac OS and Windows®, is there with you step for step. Native support for DSLR cameras in Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5 lets you begin editing HD video immediately, with no need for file format conversions or long render times. You can drop clips from your memory card directly into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline — there's no waiting to import — and the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine lets you mix footage, file formats, and frame rates on multiple tracks with real-time playback performance.

Native support for DSLR cameras

Native support for DSLR cameras

Do in seconds what can take hours in other software when you're editing video from the latest DSLR cameras. Adobe Premiere Pro directly reads and edits the original camera files, meaning no transcoding, no rewrapping, no proxy files to track, and less disk space used.

On-scene footage checks

Get better footage more efficiently by dropping clips straight from your camera's memory card onto the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. While you're at the shoot, see how clips will cut together and check video quality using the waveform monitor and vectorscope built into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mix DSLR footage with other formats in an open timeline

Support for mixing a variety of formats

Freely mix clips in multiple formats and with different frame rates, aspect ratios, and frame sizes, all in the same sequence, with real-time preview quality on most systems. Adobe Premiere Pro supports the latest tapeless formats.

Industry-leading, cross-platform performance

Accelerate post-production with native 64-bit performance in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects® CS5, and Photoshop® CS5 Extended. The native 64-bit, multicore, GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro provides unprecedented performance, letting you open projects quickly and create multilayer, effects-rich sequences without rendering.

Efficient tools for creative editing

Efficient tools for creative editing

Create high-quality visual and editing effects directly within the timeline using the extensive effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. Color correct, apply audio filters, and use advanced options like real-time blending modes, advanced keyframes, and Bezier curves.

Efficient editing with metadata

Streamline your production workflow by using the tools in Production Premium to add metadata to your clips during pre-production, on set, and in the editing software. Speech Search and Face Detection technology offer two ways to automatically jump to or edit footage based on dialog or dialog-derived keywords.

Industry-leading graphics and effects

Explore new video editing possibilities with After Effects and Photoshop Extended. Correct lens distortion in footage and create stunning titles, even in 3D. Perform nondestructive advanced color grading, and quickly isolate foreground elements from backgrounds using the Roto Brush in After Effects. Adobe Dynamic Link eliminates intermediate rendering when working between After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Open workflows with third-party editing software

Collaborate more efficiently with colleagues by easily importing and exporting projects regardless of format. Perform roundtrip editing with content from Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Digidesign Pro Tools software.

Professional audio tools

Take advantage of built-in audio effects in Adobe Premiere Pro, or use Adobe Soundbooth® CS5, included in Production Premium, to create music, sweeten sound, or perform other advanced audio tasks. In a sound-sync workflow, easily line up your audio and video tracks in Adobe Premiere Pro, or try the PluralEyes plug-in, available separately for both Windows and Mac OS.

Delivery practically anywhere

Easily output your finished projects in any major video or web format, optimized for almost any medium, using Adobe Media Encoder CS5 and Adobe Encore® CS5. Both are included with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Quick client reviews and approvals

Expedite reviews thanks to integration with the new Adobe CS Live online service, Adobe CS Review. Once your project is uploaded to CS Review, clients and teammates can view it and leave comments using a web browser.

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