Adobe CS6 Revamps Premiere Pro Workspace, Revs Up After Effects

Studio Monthly by Bryant Frazer

Company Woos Final Cut Users with Sleeker, Faster Apps

Adobe has more than usual riding on CS6, the latest version of its Creative Suite package for production and post. CS5.5 launched at NAB last year just as Final Cut Pro X was landing with a thud among users who didn't care for the radically rethought interface and slimmed-down feature set. Adobe's Premiere Pro NLE already had some momentum, thanks to broad native format support on the timeline and a substantial performance boost through NVIDIA GPU acceleration, and the company enjoyed a surge of interest from editors who were suddenly examining their options in the marketplace. "Tens of thousands of users" switched from Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer to Adobe Premiere Pro and its mates over the last 12 months, Bill Roberts, Adobe's director of video product management, told us during a briefing to introduce the apps included in the CS6 Production Premium bundle. He indicated that Adobe would like Premiere Pro to become "the Photoshop of video editing."

FCP X remains controversial, though Apple has taken steps to put some key missing features back in place. And that means Adobe will get more attention than usual at NAB, as editors try to figure out their next move, platform-wise. Compositors and VFX artists will already be scoping out Adobe's booth to see what's new in After Effects, and Adobe has given that program a serious overhaul under the hood that should translate into a substantial increase in speed on the desktop as the software uses a sophisticated new caching system to eliminate redundancy when it comes to rendering. (Scroll down to read more about this release of After Effects.) But attention has clearly been lavished on Premiere Pro — Adobe's NLE has gotten a forward-looking redesign, broader native support for professional camera formats, and a smoother, speedier workflow inside the app itself. And, with the inclusion of SpeedGrade among the Creative Suite products, Premiere editors now have the option of manipulating clips with a high-end color correction tool rather than the simpler three-way color-corrector included in the application.
What Adobe hasn't announced yet is exact dates and pricing for the new versions — "the first half of 2012" is all the company is willing to say right now. Stay tuned.
Premiere Pro Gets More than a Facelift
The first thing you'll notice when opening Premiere Pro CS6 for the first time is the new default workspace. As Premiere Pro Product Manager Al Mooney explained it to us, the emphasis in this design iteration is "more video, less UI." read more...
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