Adobe CS6: Why everyone is (will be) switching!

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Thankfully (well... this depends upon who you ask) Apple dropped their Final Cut ball and Adobe swooped in to save the day. Now, I've only used FCP a little, mostly cuz I'm PC based and FCP never made a windows version.

Well if you've been sleeping or out of the loop or on permanent vacation the gist is that Apple released the *new* version of FCP called Final Cut X. And pretty much every FCP user on the planet collectively gulped. It was essentially a consumer grade app.

Since a lot of editing pros abandoned Avid (and others) in favor of Final Cut, these cutters were now looking for a suitable replacement.

In walks Adobe. Again if you don't know, Adobe has been in the NLE game for many years (in fact, I bought version 4 in 95/96 and 4 years ago I went home to Adobe after many years in Avid land. I still use Avid Media Composer 6 from time to time but I gotta say that the sweet suite interface within Adobe is really cool). When i went back to Adobe I was very impressed but since they've added the Mercury Playback engine it's gone on to superstar status for me. read more...

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