Adobe Effects 6.5 Production Bundle

2-Pop By David Saraceno Dec 17, 2004, 04:53 AE65For more than a decade, After Effects has been synonymous with motion graphics excellence. The cross platform compositing, motion graphics, and special effects package was originally developed by The Company of Science and Art, acquired by Aldus, and finally found a home with Adobe. Version 1.0 offered unprecedented control in a software package whose features rival dedicated broadcast systems. Years later, Adobe continues the legacy in version 6.5 with dozens of new features, performance enhancements, new, and re-released plug-ins that refine a feature rich, versatile interface. While it doesn't have the real time capabilities of Apple's Motion, its hardware requirements aren't as stiff. AE also offers Z-space, parenting, and expressions -- something as yet missing in Motion. AE is supported by dozens of 3rd party developers, web sites and other resources. read more...

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