Adobe enables Camera to Cloud workflows in Premiere

Back in spring, Atomos announced Camera to Cloud (C2C) support in their two new products, the Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect and now is also announcing more integration features from Teradek products, integration with Viviana Cloud sound recorders and FDX FilmDataBox as well as support for mobile shooters using FiLMiC Pro.

DIY Photography covers the news and here is what they have to say. 

"’s Camera to Cloud is a way to allow easy remote collaboration on projects no matter how far apart people may be. Teradek has long supported C2C and that support now includes the ability for the new Teradek Serv 4K to automatically send low-bandwidth, timecode 10-bit 4K HEVC proxies instantly to This allows for immediate editing and colour correction of dailies without having to wait for the final high-quality footage that can easily be swapped out later for final render and delivery."


" is now also integrated into FilmLight Baselight colour grading system. Colourists can securely access the video clips, grade them and send them straight back out from their timelines, with directors able to add comments which get automatically synchronised back into Baselight’s timeline with timecode."


"All this is in addition to integration for Adobe’s Creative Cloud – which was inevitable, seeing as Adobe owns now – allowing for easy collaboration within Premiere Pro and After Effects."


Check out the full article here!

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