Adobe: Predictions for 2011

Adobe Egde

Adobe Product Manager, designer, and developer geek Doug Winnie discusses (and acts out) the most common designer/ developer issues, and offers predictions on how Adobe will help ease the pain in 2011.

Julie Campagna: Hi, I'm Julie Campagna, and I manage The Edge newsletter. Today I'm with Doug Winnie. He's a product manager at Adobe. He's a coder, he's a teacher, he's an, I would say, community activist. He just really gets embedded. I've asked Doug to join us because, you know, I figure it's the new year, and I wanted to know what Doug's predictions are for how are we going to help out our designer/developer community in 2011? Doug, first, before we go into predictionland, why don't you tell us a little bit about your process?

Doug Winnie: A big part of being a product manager is understanding your product, and if you're not actually out there using it, you don't really know. So, a lot of times when customers come up to me and say, hey Doug, I'm having a problem with x or y or z, I'm the kind of guy that needs to actually feel the pain. So, I get inside of it. I start coding, I start designing with them, and I see where things are broken. watch the video here

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