Adobe Premiere Export using Squeeze

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New to Squeeze 7 is the Adobe Premiere export plug-in. This will work with Adobe Premiere CS4 and CS5.

Note: Currently the Premiere Squeeze plug-in does not work on Mac. Also custom presets do not appear in the list of preset options. These issues will be fixed in an update soon.

To export from Adobe CS4 or CS5 please follow these steps:

1 - Select a sequence

2 - Go to File > Export > Media...

3 - Under "Format:" choose a Squeeze format

4 - Under the Video tab choose a Squeeze preset

Note: Keep the "Preset:" in top portion set to "Custom"

You can also export using Adobe Media Encoder by going to File -> Export -> Queue. Once AME is open go to settings and select a Squeeze 7 Preset.

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